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''Aliona has taught our daughter for several years now and she is an amazing piano teacher. She is passionate about music and that shines through in her teaching.  She builds our child’s music strengths while keeping an enjoyable atmosphere by introducing elements of innovative and interesting styles of teaching. Aliona involves teaching children in small groups, this is an advantage when compared to 1:1 teaching as the students have fun with each other. Certainly, our daughter  enjoys this way of teaching piano as she looks forward to seeing her ‘piano mates’ each week. We are grateful for the caring, creative and challenging music education that our daughter receives at Aliona's Studio.'' - Manal El-Tigi - (Parent from Syracuse, NY)



''Aliona is  a great piano teacher .She is  very patient and encouraging and clearly enjoys teaching her pupils. She not only taught our son Jake how to read and play music, but also encouraged him to experiment with composition and he has now written few original pieces within a year of study with Aliona. In fact i liked her so much i decided to start piano lessons myself again at the age of 42, and I'm so glad that I did! I wish that I had been able to take lessons from Aliona for much longer! She was a pleasure to talk to and work with - she  was very encouraging, even when I felt like there was nothing to compliment about a piano piece I had played. She gave great constructive criticism and encourage me to learn the notes and style, but more importantly to play well, to add in dynamics and make a piece sound beautiful and musical. I would recommend Aliona to all ages and all skill levels. She has so much to offer - she is genuine, kind, patient, and of course, an amazing pianist!''- Paula Potts (Parent from Rochester, NY)

''We have known Aliona for a couple of years already and no words can explain how grateful we are to have her as the piano teacher for our daughter. She is everything we could want in a teacher. Her passion and dedication in teaching piano is remarkable. Aliona reinforces the lesson material with various creative teaching methods. I am so impressed with her dedication and interest in her students. I would consider anyone fortunate to have her as their teacher. ''- P.Z (Parent from Syracuse, NY) 




''Our daughters love their piano lessons with Aliona. She has been teaching them for over two years and they thoroughly enjoy her relaxed and friendly but firm style. They are particularly engaged by the music she plays with them. Aliona’s gentle manner is enough to inspire any child or adult to learn quickly in a fun environment.'' -

Mr. & Mrs. Nikolavsky (Parents from Syracuse, NY)                                                                                                                                     

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