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 Group Piano 


Group Lessons 


A solid foundation in the basics of piano technique & note reading

Group Piano lessons will be offered on Mondays, biweekly ,and  will take place in the  studio room. These optional events consist of individual instruction for each participant as well as group theory, moving games, and occasionally music computer games.

Children will gain greater confidence and delight in piano playing by learning simple and enjoyable pieces in a fun-filled and encouraging atmosphere.

The setting is suitable for combining different ages.


The benefits of group lessons

  • Students are taught how to practice, having time to work on what they learn at the lesson.

  • The hour gives the instructor more time to cover not only the students' pieces, but also music theory, improvisation, music history, note drills, scales, chords and ear training.

  • Students are motivated by each other and enjoy lessons because of the group setting. They feel the camaraderie of their peers, much like the experience kids in band and orchestra have at school.

  • Students are able to play duet and group pieces with other students, helping to develop rhythm and ensemble skills.

  • Classes are small (typically only 4 to maximum 6 students per class).

  • There is a wonderful sense of support & encouragement from other students.

  • Students gain excitement & motivation through playing games & activities together.

  • Everyone responds positively to the competitive aspect of group dynamics.

  • Playing to each other in a class recital furthers a healthy peer motivation.

  • Good recital manners & presentation skills can best be acquired in a supportive group setting.

  • Students are given the opportunity to perform for their peers, which is an extra performance opportunity they would not get otherwise.

  • Finally, after being eased into a group setting of piano instruction, the student will be ready for concentrated one-on-one piano lessons which will help foster an attitude of: “Be all I can be!”.

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